Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Natasha Bedingfield Live at the Fillmore my review

I saw Natahsa Bedingfield last night at the Fillmore in Philadelphia with opening acts The Veronicas and Kate Voegele. I could have sworn I was at a Miley Cyrus concert. It was all girls aged 12-18. I consider Natasha a more adult oriented act. Most seemed to be there to see the Veronicas. The crowd went wild when they came on, when the group asked if anybody knew who they were just about everybody on the floor except for me and a few parents raised their hands. I stayed against the wall for the first 2 acts. An 18 year old Asian kid asked me who I was chaperoning I annoyingly told him I wasn't, and that I was a huge Natasha fan. Then I said do I look that old…he kept apologizing

I got closer to the stage when Natasha started, by the encore I was right up there. She sounded and looked amazing. She came on at 9:30 and played till about 10:45. She did all the best tracks from her new album, "Put Your Arms Around Me", "Pirate Bones", "Angel", "Backyard", and all the hits. She sang the track "Wild Horses" from her first CD. I never really cared for the song but she did an amazing acoustic version that sounded so much better the recorded one, it was the best sounding vocal of the night. I taped it but the sound quality on my video cam does not do it justice. She did an amazing version of Madonna's "Ray Of Light", asking if those that knew the lyrics would sing along. You could hear a few people like me singing. I don't think most of the young audience knew the song and it's not one of Madonna's oldest it's from 98.

They were giving away 100 passes to meet and greet Natasha after the show but you had to buy something. I didn't like any of the t-shirts, they were pricey and I already had her latest album. If they had a DVD I would have bought it. At one point I went back but all the passes were gone. I was also worried if I stayed I would get home too late or not make the train or bus. Not a bad show for only $25.

Tracklist (Not completely sure of the order)

Piece of Your Heart
Say It Again
These Words
Wild Horses
Ray Of Light (Madonna Cover)
Pirate Bones
Put Your Arms Around Me
Love Like This
Pocketful of Sunshine

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