Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Samantha Fox in Concert the Medley Montreal

Photo by Troystar

Samantha Fox blasted on to the stage of the Medley Montreal on July the 4th singing "I Wanna Have Some Fun" and boy did we. She had an all female band and 4 very cool dancers. Sam was in top form rockin the whole stage and flirting with both her female and male dancers. She sported a sultry leather clad outfit which very early on became a halter top and short shorts. You should see her legs wow she must really work out.

I'm always the one to complain that I'm too far away but can one be too close. The Medley is a very small venue. The person in front of me had their arms on the stage yes that close, no barriers. At some point I had her thrusting her hips in my face and when she did "Touch Me" everybody reached out to touch her me included but I quickly pulled my hand back out of fear of touching her breasts by accident...yes THAT close. Yes I did get to touch her twice...her hands. During "I Only Want to Be with You" she sings the line. "You stopped and smiled at me, and asked if Id care to dance", I reached out and she grabbed my hand and we swayed back and forth, I guess you can say I danced with Sam.

The best part (my friends will get a laugh out of this). During the song "True Devotion" to which I know all the lyrics. Sam shoved her microphone in my face, I was so startled that I completely blanked out forgot the lyrics and all I could think about is dont sing youve been told how bad you sing. You should have seen the look on Sams face when I backed down and motioned no. She tried the same thing with a girl to my left and she had the same reaction. Sams face said it all fine you dont want to sing. I met the girl later and she admitted that she didnt know that verse of the song. There was this Asian guy next to me with 2 friends. He also got the microphone shoved in his face but during "Naughty Girls" and he went for it. He was so cute but it was off key and both he and Sam cringed, he was so embarrassed afterwards. I told him thats why I didnt sing lol. I got to hang out with him and his friends later while waiting for Sam after the show.

Sam sang a lot of old songs like "True Devotion", "I Surrender", "Love House" and "Nothing Gonna Stop Me Now" which sounded strange rocked up and devoid of the SAW sound. The show showcased her new album "Angel with and Attitude". Some of the song choices like "Cause & Effect" (not a favourite of mine) and "Confessions" (the first song she ever wrote) were surprising while she omitted my favourite track from the new album "The Power". She closed the show with "I Only Wanna be With You" which rocked the house. She came back on to encore with "Do Ya Do Ya (wanna please me)" and finally "Touch Me". She started the song in a sultry jazzy way which I thought was cool and then rocked it to the originally version. The crowd went wild.

Unfortunately like many small venues there was sound problems during one song Sam kept motioning to the sound guy to fix it.

The setlist

01 I Wanna Have Some Fun
02 You and Me (new LP)
03 Cause and Effect (new LP)
04 I Surrender (To the Spirit of the Night)
05 Nothing Gonna Stop Me Now
06 Confessions (album track from I Wanna Have Some Fun LP)
07 Destined To Be (new LP)
08 To Be Heard (new LP)
09 True Devotion
10 Angel with An Attitude (new LP)
11 Naughty Girls
12 I Give Myself to You (new LP)
13 Nice and Slow (new LP)
14 Love House
15 Dreams Unfold
16 I Only Wanna Be With You

17 Do ya Do Ya (wanna please me)
18 Touch Me

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