Thursday, August 5, 2010

Robyn, Kelis, Dan Black, and the Far East Movement at the Trocadero

The show comprised of 4 acts. The openers, The Far East Movement and Dan Black were not my cup of tea but they didn’t play long, the problem is that it took forever to set up between each act and Robyn didn't come on till 10:45. I saw her 2 years ago at the TLA and her show ended at that same time.

I have to admit I was never a fan of Kelis or her mega selling song "Milkshake", but I love the dance music direction she is now taking. She looked fabulous in a skin tight silver shimmer dress and a matching wig that looked like it was borrowed from Cher. Her set was mostly centered around her entire new album “Flesh Tone”, fans of her earlier R & B hits were probably disappointed as she did bits and pieces of her old hits mashed-up as if to say that was yesterday. I didn’t care since I love the new album. Her mash-up of Madonna’s Holiday and Milkshake was fabulous and made the song bearable. She belted out mash-ups of covers including Eurythmics “Sweet Dreams” and Terence Trent D’Arby’s “Sign Your Name” which I think she should record. Highlights were the fab "4th Of July (Fireworks)" and “Acapella”. She played for an hour and after her set I was drenched and needed a shower.

You could tell Robyn was headlining by the time she hit the stage, but like her new EP “Body Talk Part 1” her set felt like only part of a show. I guess for $20 I can’t complain. She was a ball of lightning dancing all around and enjoying the energy from the crowd. I found the sound too bass-y but that could be because I was right up at the stage facing the speakers on the side. The set list at 11 songs was a bit short. I’m not surprised she didn’t do her 90’s teen material but she left off recent key songs like “Handle Me” and her brand new video and single “Hang With Me”. Instead she did “Dream On” from her self titled opus, and the track "Don't F*cking Tell Me What To Do" which I really don’t like and a new song from her forthcoming EP. I know artists like to change things up a bit, but I didn't like this version of "Who's That Girl" and in my opinion she destroyed one of my favorite tracks "Be Mine". Highlights were "Cry When You Get Older" the fab “Dancing On My Own” and the reggae tinged “Dancehall Queen". The show ended at 11:45.

Before the show started for 10$ you could buy a CD from one of the artists (I bought The Kelis one since I already had Robyn's) with that you got a CD from Cherrytree Music including a 47 min megamix with songs from Kelis, Robyn, Agnes, La Roux , Ellie Goulding, etc and a wrist band that enabled you to stay after the show, meet and greet all the artists and get a poster signed. I thought it was a great deal so I bought it, but it ended so late. I waited in a super crazy line up line and by 12:15 neither Kelis nor Robyn came out, I needed to catch my last subway home so I left and didn't get to meet them.

I much preferred her concert from 2 years ago which seemed longer and she did some acoustic tracks which showcased her vocals. Like I said I guess for $20 I can't complain.

Robyn’s Setlist

1. Fembot
2. Cry When You Get Older
3. Cobrastyle
4. Dancing On My Own
5. Who's That Girl?
6. Dancehall Queen
7. The Girl & the Robot
8. Don't Fucking Tell Me What to Do
9. Be Mine

10. Dream On
11. With Every Heartbeat

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